November 10th Board Meeting Recap

Updated: Apr 6

life preserver ring and words "NEW ON BOARD"

This was the first Board of Directors meeting since the recent Annual Meeting and community vote for Director positions. Each member introduced themselves and new members covered goals for their role in the community.

BOD in attendance : Mike Brunner (President), Patti Sousa (Vice President), Bob Collonese (Treasurer), Rick Deluga (Secretary) , Lisa Kusen (Advantage Property Mgmt.)

President’s Report - Mike Brunner

  • Thanked outgoing President Bob Lee and Board member Ray Stewart for their work on the board for the community

  • Open board seat:  Miranda Andrews resigned from the board on October 7, leaving one open seat on the board. Mike mentioned 2 homeowners had expressed interest in applying. Also note open discussion, below, where the board asked for volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer, ciick here for more information.

  • Hotwire Update

  • Project has been delayed due to rain preventing digging

  • Any damage to landscape / laws etc. will be retuned to its prior condition once the construction is completed

  • Any damage to sprinklers, cable, telephone etc.  should be reported immediately to Mike – please include your full name, address, phone number and nature of damage on any message to Mike (email or phone message) . Mike will follow up with Hotwire to get the issue repaired

  • In-home connections will commence late November – for residents who may be out of town for an extended prior  in Nov/Dec for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year etc., please let Mike know so the Hotwire team can work around your schedule, goal is to complete in January  

  • Tropical Storm Damage

  • Please turn your sprinklers off if possible, the ground is saturated, and the lakes are at a high level.

  • Leaves – please ask your landscape company to clean up, and if possible, please keep all drains near your property clear of leaves/twigs etc. so the water can drain away

  • Rattle Snake - a 6ft snake was killed near the Sequoia gate in the afternoon, please be careful, especially with all the recent rain, when walking in the community at all times of day.

Vice President’s Report - Patti Sousa

  • Patti ran for the board on a platform of enhanced communications, increased transparency, and broader board participation

  • She is heartened by the substantial attendance at our BOD meetings the last few months, and hearing resident’s discussing the issues of our community during her daily neighborhood walks. This is a great step forward

  • While our covenants and bylaws may be heavily weighted to allow the board broad powers, she hopes that moving forward the board involves resident input before key decisions are made.

  • Gave a shout out to Matt Polsky, who during the recent Hotwire construction phase, setup a food and soft drink booth on his front drive for the construction team.

  • She is resurrecting the Arbors Welcome Committee and asked for volunteers to help her, and – welcomed three new homeowners:

  • Ted and Debbie Torge

  • Jim Cullishaw

  • Lloyd and Isabel Maciver

Old Business

  • Fine Policy : the Covenant committee has a draft proposal for an updated Fine Policy, this discussion led to the suggestion of broader community engagement when discussing changes to our by-laws etc. and how to gain broader community input

  • Arbors Website ( Denise Ryan, a volunteer resident with a long career in Marketing Communications, provided a presentation of her month-long analysis of the current site and processes and made four recommendations for improvement.

  • As many are aware, the stability of the site in 2020 has been varied, with several long outages

  • The analysis shows that the Website, Domain, Hosting and Security are all on different platforms, each with different workflows, credentials and expirations - a recipe for confusion and problems

  • Currently, the Arbors budget $1800 a year, covering 2 consultants and some of Lisa’s time

  • Denise presented 4 clear recommendations:

  1. Create a single place where all site access info is stored, so future boards and volunteers have easy, up-to-date access.

  2. Move to a single, vertical supplier - these are simple to create and manage and will eliminate the need for outside consultants and costs.

  3. Create a fresh new site with a public and private face (transfer content from current site as appropriate)

  4. Create an Arbors Editorial Committee to create content

  • There are multiple vertical solutions on the market today; costs were estimated at $700 a year, but we must have volunteer time to support the effort

  • A motion to proceed with the recommendation was made and approved

  • A homeowner in the room offered to join the Editorial board, we hope others will also contribute

  • FerrellGas update (Phil Slack)

  • Sadly, there has been no activity from the FerrellGas team -  the next step includes installing line pressure monitors across the system prior to any type of investment. FerrellGas state their Operations group are still trying to source the monitors but no date given

  • The team will now escalate to local mgmt., followed by their national head office if needed, and also consider a letter from the Arbors HOA attorney

  • ARCC update  (Pete Sorrentino)

  • Metal Roof Colors

  • A brief discussion was held on the approval of Green color roof option, and removal of Mill finish as an option

  • Pete requested a delay in the decision as many ARCC members were out of town in August and Sept and thus unable to attend recent board meeting to present their research

  • Bob Collonese mentioned the board had already extended the decision by one month – the ARCC agreed to completed their research and report back to meet that target  

  • The suggestion was made to get community input on color options and the Mill finish option – the ARCC will develop a survey to solicit feedback

  • Driveway / Path: Recently, a homeowner on Mammoth submitted an ARCC application to build a stamped and stained dark gray concrete driveway. The request was approved.

  • The new driveway extends continuously from the garage through the sidewalk, all the way to the street.

  • The Arbors Design Criteria manual states that the sidewalk is community property and should not be changed – thus any driveway work should be restricted to the section from the path to the garage, and then restarting after the sidewalk to the “apron” (section from the path to the road)

  • A long discussion ensured and the property owner attempted to relate his point of the view that the driveway was approved by the ARCC.

  • The board will discuss with the ARCC and develop a recommended next steps


  • Bob Collonese led the meeting through a lengthy Q&A on the proposed 2021 budget

  • Questions included clarification on the gate repairs (should this be indexed under Capital Improvement or Repairs), and Street Tree maintenance

  • Trees are maintained to a different level in alternating years

  • 2020 was a FDOT cut to raise the bottom height of trees to 14ft; 2021 will be a “canopy cut” hence the increased cost

  • A resident asked why trees are cut in Jan/Feb and not later in the year when the trees have increased foliage – Bob explained the difference on the vendor cost is $10k between Feb and July

  • Arbors roads – there is a current capital reserve to redo the roads across the community (3 miles of road). The most recent estimate from 2016 was $300k ( a new estimate will be requested). Bob mentioned the overall road condition across the community is good, with the exception of an area near the main gate

  • A question was asked about the Drain inspection conducted in July - the initial report hinted that issues had been found in a few areas with cracked drainage pipes. The final report has still not been received, Lisa will follow up.

  • Following  the Q&A, a motion was made and approved to propose the new quarterly budget amount of $486 – Lisa said payment slips should go out by mid-December. There is no change to the bank used for the payments.

Other Business/ Open Comments

  • Applications for Open Board position : the board has sent send an email to the community asking people who are interested to submit a short Bio. These should be mailed within the next couple of weeks for board review. You can read it HERE.

  • Welcome Committee and other Volunteers are needed: Patti will work with Lisa to develop an eblast. You can read the ensuing blast here.

  • Next Board meeting : Dec 15th – a suggestion was made to move the start time to 6:30pm to allow people to get home from work / dinner etc.

  • Holiday  Decorations : Bob Collonese mentioned using Michael’s Gardens to install the decorations on the main gates

  • The stakes and pink flagging that has been in place for months around head of Lake 1 is an eyesore to many – while understanding the plan to prevent landscapers cutting grass adjacent to the lake, and also a plan for future replanting,  homeowners pointed out this area was only cut by Michael’s Gardens – could we simply tell them not to cut the grass in the area.  It was requested that the Environmental Committee Chair attend a meeting and share his plan and next steps with residents.

  • Berm grass near Lake 1: Joanne Hamel has been working with Michael’s Gardens on a plan to restore to its’ prior condition, which may include removal of the pine trees that restrict sunlight.

  • SeaBranch Mgmt. Association : Board needs to select a new member to attend the twice annual meeting (October and Spring).

  • Patti Sousa volunteered to be the Board ARCC Liaison

The meeting ended with several homeowners commending the board on a well-run meeting and the wealth of information shared. Our thanks to all volunteers for their hard work.