March 16, 2021 Board Meeting Recap

Updated: Apr 6

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This robust meeting included recaps from nearly every committee chairperson, as well as votes on several infrastructure projects.

The meeting took place at the Church St. office and was available via Zoom.

Approximately 20 households were present either in person or via videoconference.

The full BOD was present: Rick Deluga (Secretary), Mike Kelly (Director), and Patti Sousa (Acting President).


The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm, proof of notice was announced, quorum verified, and the February minutes were approved.

President’s Report - Patti Sousa

It’s been a very busy month for The Arbors, with much activity accomplished and underway. The Resident Directory is complete, thanks to the hard work and time of APM as well as several residents. The Directory is available for download from the new website. This will save on printing and mailing costs, and allow for the Directory to be updated whenever needed.

The 2020 Tax Return is completed, signed and going in the mail.

The Annual Member’s Meeting is March 23. We must have 57 attendees or signed Proxy Forms to conduct business. If you are attending via Zoom, or not attending at all, please complete, sign and return your proxy to APM as soon as possible. To date we have received 37 completed forms. Find out more here.

Speeding remains an issue in the neighborhood. This has been an issue raised in many old newsletters and continues to raise concerns. Please watch your speed, and ask your contractors and vendors to as well. We do not want to have to install speed bumps in our community.

Patti asked Rick Deluga to speak about the Controlled Burn, which is scheduled to occur on Thursday, March 18, if the weather is favorable.

The Burn will hopefully help control invasive plants as well as the bark beetle that have become an issue.

This is the third burn conducted by the Florida Fire Service in The Arbors. This will be in Burn Block #2, which is in back of Sequoia, near the Poinciana Gardens property line. Greg Braun, our liaison with the Forest Service, will be present for the burn.

A resident asked whether the adjacent communities had been notified. Lisa will give them a courtesy call on 3/17.

Committee Reports

ARCC - Hedy Bressler

The committee is processing 8-11 applications each month. Some are missing information and need to be returned to the resident to be completed. The ARCC will be making several recommendations to the BOD in April, once the new board is seated.

Communications - Denise Ryan

The new website is complete, thanks to the residents who volunteered to proof it. The domain name will be transferred to the new site in a few days; this can take 1-3 days to complete. Most of the site will be password protected; each resident will create a username and password to use to access the site. Once transfer is complete, a newsletter/ email will be sent to all residents for which we have emails, with instructions on how to register for access to the site. Each person who registers will be approved (we will compare their physical address and name with our records, to ensure they are residents).

Also, Denise showed a slide with all of the ways that the BOD will be communicating to residents - email, website, the new Arbors Channel on the Hotwire system, etc. This will help us to keep all residents informed, but not inundated with messages. It will also help us to cut down on the cost of physical mailings.

Environmental - Brian Hicks

The number of turtle rafts in the lakes may need to be reduced. The turtle population has grown so much that it is reducing the number of bottom plants in the lakes, which are needed to keep the lakes clear.

Brian will also monitor the Controlled Burn on March 18.

There are many exotic plants in the Arbors; many have been neglected, and the committee is going to prioritize these issues. Also the issue of bark beetles needs to be addressed. These have been in the neighborhood for a while. Pesticides are expensive to purchase and apply; we need to decide how to handle all of these issues.

The pigs, which were an issue for a few months, seem to have moved on for now. However, they will eventually be back. There was discussion about how to best handle this. The pigs are foraging for grubs, which are attracted to wet grass and soil. Cutting down on watering your lawn can help reduce the grubs. Also, pesticides can cut down on grubs. Both can work.

A resident asked if the long grass around the lakes can be cut. Brian said that hand cutting is fine - residents can cut a path through the grass or trim it down so they have a good view of the lake. Please do not apply herbicides to the grasses, as they seep into the lake.

Finance - Mike Kelly

The committee received the February Financial Reports from APM and are meeting with the APM CPA on 3/18. There is a monthly deficit for February due to tree work. This is the type of yearly expense that the committee will build into the annual forecasts moving forward. A full report will be presented by the Finance Committee at the Annual Meeting on March 23. Also, as the new website is password-protected, financial reports will be posted there for residents to review. Residents are welcome to email questions to

Infrastructure - Mark Crosby

There’s been a bit of activity with Ferrellgas. They have installed a pressure gauge that they will run and monitor for 30 days to gather data and get a baseline of normal activity. Thereafter we may be asked to run generators, etc. to get more data.

Irrigation - all repairs to piping and sprinkler heads has been completed. Any repairs that were due to Hotwire’s installation are being tracked for reimbursement by Hotwire.

Exit Gate at the Main Entry/Exit - the post has important utility equipment and cabling running under it, which makes excavation and repair complicated, and is why it’s been repaired as it has been in the past. They are reviewing a quote from a company that can weld and shim the gate itself.

Street Drains - per discussion at the February meeting, a consultant is looking in the drains and street hump to help the committee determine if a current quote is fair.

Sidewalks - The committee recommends hiring Julius Graham to grind 29 areas that need attention. Cost is $75 per spot. Five sections of sidewalk need to be replaced, at $350 per section. Total cost is $3925. This is much less than other quotes and the specs and process are deemed very good. This company does not measure compaction; they will remove all roots, install 4” slabs and can pour where needed. They have worked in The Arbors previously. They have also done work at Lost Lake; Mark spoke to a contact at Lost Lake that vouched for this company’s work.

The board made a motion to accept the quote. During discussion, they agreed that this will cover the most critical repairs, and is considered Phase 1 of the work needed. According to the budget, $12,000 has been budgeted this year, and so far $1600 has been spent. After discussion, the board passed the motion 3-0. Mark will follow up with sidewalk repair and paperwork.

Also, during discussion, the issue of whether the Arbors is responsible to damage to driveway aprons due to tree roots. The point was raised that if the HOA is going to take on any of these repairs, the policy will need to be rewritten. Currently, all repairs to aprons are the responsibility of the Homeowner.

Social Committee - Michele Locke

A Book Club is being started. It will begin as a virtual meeting, and then move to in-person as we return to a more ‘normal’ situation regarding COVID-19. If interested, read more here, and email Michele Locke at

The Free Little Library is in production. The post has already been delivered. The BOD will approve the location for this and we will notify all of its availability. Find out more about this here.

Happy Hour on the Main Green is at 5pm on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Come out and mingle with your neighbors. Not sure of the dates? Get more info here.

Michele made a personal note of her outreach to the community to raise funds for the Brodie family. As many know, David Brodie passed away suddenly in early March. There is a basket on the Locke’s front porch if you would like to make a direct donation.


Hotwire update - Phil Slack

There are 18 homes that, for any number of reasons, have currently chosen not to install HW. The completion date of the Install was Feb 1. We receive 4 free months of service, so the HOA will issue the first check to HW on June 1.

The Call Box and Security system is transitioning from Comcast to HW this week. Code #s and telephone numbers will not change. Residents do not need to take any action on this.

Landscape Remediation is down to approximately 30 homes. While HW promises to have this completed by end of week, we should expect it to take a few days longer.

A new main cabinet will be installed at the Main Gate. This is our main box, and requires a 2-4 hour service outage throughout The Arbors while it is brought online. This will be scheduled to occur at 2-4am on a weekday morning.

We are also receiving on WIFI hotspot for The Arbors. This will be installed near the Main Green by Lake 1.

Church Street office - Patti Sousa

The office is closing at the end of March. The office was underutilized, and this will provide a cost savings to The Arbors. We have rented a 10’ X 15’ storage unit at Prime Storage for equipment and files that, after much review, are deemed vital to keep. All of the items going into storage will be moved there on Saturday, 3/20.

There are 2 black office chairs and one small refrigerator available. Please email Patti at by Friday, 3/19 if interested. Otherwise, these items will be donated to the House of Hope.

There is large box of architectural drawings that were turned over to the HOA after homes in The Arbors were constructed. After discussion, Hedy Bressler volunteered to inventory the box and send a list of what’s available to residents. If you wish to have your home’s drawings you can contact Hedy once the list goes out.

Patti thanked all of the residents who volunteered to sort through the office and prepare it for the move.

Removal of Two Pine Trees

At the February Meeting, the board approved Only Trees to remove these trees near the front entrance. However, that quote was for a different set of trees. A new quote was sought from both Only Trees ($1850) and Michael’s Garden ($780). Both covered taking down and removing the trees.

After a motion and discussion, the board unanimously approved Michael’s Garden’s quote.

As these trees are by the main entrance, and are sizable, the main entrance will likely need to be closed during the downing and removal of the trees. The BOD will alert residents when this will happen; also we will ask Michael’s Garden to post signage on Seabranch alerting residents and guests to use the West Gate during this time.


License Plate Camera:

This camera has not been working and needs to be replaced. the cost is $953. For reference, there are six cameras at the East Gate and three at the West Gate. Security video files are kept on a secure cloud server for 7 weeks and is then written over with new footage. If residents have any issues, they should contact Lisa or a BOD member right away (before files are overwritten). The cameras are maintained, lenses cleaned and realigned twice per year by Bartlett.

For Discussion:

1. Per our governing documents, Article 4, Section 2, Lot 173 has requested that additional limbs be trimmed from the street oaks on their property. They are offering to pay for this. Only Trees will look at this situation on 3/17.

2. There is thought about whether the community bulletin board near the main entrance should be moved, and if so, where. The board will consider this and would like to hear input from residents. If moved, Mark Crosby indicated that the Infrastructure Committee members could move it without needed outside help.


• Annual Meeting - March 23, 7pm at Indian River State College. Read more here.

• Board Workshop - March 24 9:30-11:30 Church St. Office

• April BOD Meeting - April 20 6:30 pm at APM office and via Zoom

The meeting adjourned at 7:50pm. Thanks to all who attended and to everyone who provided comments and insights.