Updated: Apr 6

Here's a brief recap of the OLD and NEW Business covered at the meeting, presented to the best of our knowledge. We have links for you to click on for important items that we cover in more detail elsewhere on the site.

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Approximately 7 residents attended the meeting in person, along with the 3 of the 5 board members. Just under 30 households and 2 board members were represented via videoconference and/or telephone for all or most of the meeting.


Hotwire Update/Installation Schedule

As of August 20th 2021, no formal communication other than the vote at the Arbors Board of Directors meeting on June 16th has been provided related to the outcome of the Bulk Cable contract survey.

The board introduced three people from Hotwire to those attending the meeting. Bob Lee explained they had conducted two introductory meetings with Hotwire to start planning for construction and installation with a target completion of February 2021. Bob Lee also introduced Michael Brunner as the Project Manager representing the Arbors to Hotwire. A board member did ask how this volunteer role was advertised to the community and asked Michael what qualifications he possessed. We wish Michael well in his new role and thank him for volunteering.

The Hotwire representatives explained they will be setting up a meeting with each homeowner to understand their current state cable configurations.

We hope for vastly improved communication and transparency than was provided during the assessment of community needs and vendor selection.

In a related topic, Mariner Village community (333 homes) has voted to cancel their Hotwire contract for many of the same reasons raised by concerned Arbors homeowners.

Click here to read about the MOTION FROM THE FLOOR to cancel HOTWIRE CONTRACT. This occurred later, in the OPEN DISCUSSION portion of the meeting.

Ferrellgas Update

After much discussion and input, the Board agreed to a four-person committee to look at this issue more closely, gather information and present details to the community so that a vote can be made on how to proceed.

Since this is hot issue for many residents, we have several pages on the site with details and updates and Q & A. For details about this discussion, next steps and Q&A, please click on these links:

Full Recap and Committee details

Q & A

Proposed Amendments to Declarations

Bob Lee updated the community on the status of five proposed Amendments. These are now in final format and ready to be submitted to the community for formal voting process. To read a bit more about these five amendments, click here. NOTE: Once the proposed wording is available we will present old/new comparisons so you have all the details to make an informed vote.

Multiple people from the floor, including members of the Covenant Committee, asked the board to consider changing bylaws to remove the wording that is a major inhibitor in our current ability to conduct an Annual Meeting and election. Our rules around nominations “from the floor” require in-person voting. Changing the wording could also allow us to modernize and use Electronic Voting and videoconference technologies such as Zoom. The Covenant Committee will propose wording and a representative from that committee asked that it go to the Board and Attorney at the same time to speed up the approval process. Again, this amendment would be voted on by the residents - hopefully at the same time the other five amendments are put forth to residents for vote.

Annual Meeting Update

The Board has researched a few locations, yet no venue has been found that meets with their approval. However, the Board is willing to look at changing our Bylaws to allow for election by videoconference. Read more by clicking here.

Drainage Cleaning Update

Following the recent flooding, a company was hired to clean the drains and conduct a thorough investigation. For more information and photos, click here.


New Irrigation Company

Due to the retirement of the existing provider, Coastal Irrigation Service is the temporary company that will maintain the community sprinkler system while the contract goes out for bid.

Lake and Wetlands Contract

Acquilis contract was renewed– Aqualis was low bidder out of 3 at approximately $1500 per month. Vote to renew was 4-1, with Miranda Andrews voting against.

Gate Maintenance/Bartlett Brothers

Bartlett Brothers maintenance contract was renewed for $90/month. Vote to renew was 5-0.

Sidewalk Evaluation

You may have seen highlighted paint areas on the sidewalks and other potential trip hazards. The board has one estimate for $7,271 but are working to negotiate a better deal. The ongoing, and growing maintenance costs related to the street trees is an issue we feel the community must address in some manner – damage to sidewalks, driveways, lawns, and swales continue to be a challenge. Given the boring / trenching that is required as part of the proposed Hotwire solution, we should not be surprised as potential issues occur.

Revised Paint Color Palette

A new paint palette was proposed by the ARCC and approved by the board. For house paint colors, it was mentioned some existing colors had been removed, but more added. Eight new colors have proposed to the board for metal roof options. It was also mentioned that the ARCC is considering a further update that would prevent the standard mill finish from being an option. Bob Lee said this had been tabled for further discussion. When asked, Bob Lee stated that existing ARCC roof requests would be grandfathered in. The revised roof colors will apply only to new applications.

For more about the recent ARCC meeting, click here.

Storm Shutters

We are in the height of a very busy hurricane season, and several homes still have their shutters in place following Hurricane Isaias. Bob Lee asked the Advantage Property Manager (APM) Lisa Kusen to follow up with those home that still have shutters installed. Please be mindful that shutters can be put up when a 5-day "cone of probability" has been issued for Martin County, and they must be "opened or removed within 7 days after the storm, or threat of storm has passed, as determined by the National Weather Service". For more about shutters, please refer to Arbors Covenants, Article XII, #29 and #30.


Motion to Cancel Hotwire Contract

The very important, and only, action was Motion to Cancel the Hotwire Contract. The Motion required a second and simple majority of those in attendance at the time. The Motion passed: 14 FOR cancelling, 9 AGAINST cancelling, and 3 ABSTAINING from casting a vote. For much more on this motion, click here.