Arbors Annual Meeting 2021 - UNAPPROVED MINUTES

Updated: Apr 16

Here are the UNAPPROVED MINUTES from the Annual Meeting held on March 23, 2021. These minutes will be voted on for approval at the 2022 Annual Meeting.

Calendar and words "Reflecting on a Year in The Arbors"

Annual Members’ Meeting

March 23, 2021

7:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. The meeting was held at the Susan H. Johnson Auditorium Wolf High-Tech Center at Indian River State College, 2400 SE Salerno Rd, Port Salerno, FL and Via ZOOM meeting.


There were 77 lots present via proxy or in person. A quorum was confirmed. Lisa Kusen was present from Advantage Property Management.


Patti Sousa as Acting President chaired the meeting.


Notices were posted at both bulletin boards and mailed to all owners as required. Advantage Property Management provided the affidavit of mailings.


Patti Sousa reported. Patti announced that there have been 20 new owners since January 2020, and welcomed each of them to The Arbors. Patti thanked many residents - first responders; and past board members, including Bob Colonnese for serving 8 years and Rick Deluga for serving 6 years; the past ARCC members; the many volunteers; and Lisa Kusen as property manager.

Rick Deluga reported. Rick thanked Gwyn George for getting him involved and for all of her help. Rick reported on the Controlled Burn which is scheduled for Thursday, March 25 for Block 2. Ten acres will be burned. Rick spoke about the preserves. There has been a lot of traffic on the trail. The trail is marked with yellow fence markers.

Denise Ryan and Patti Sousa presented a look back at the last 12 months in a Q&A format. They reported on the events and changes including: Covid; the rise of Zoom Meetings; the 100-year rain last June; trimming the street oaks; and the Hotwire installation which replaced Comcast. They also mentioned the cost-saving measure that have been taken, such as closing the Church Street office and bringing the Website in house. Moving forward, completion of the Hotwire installation; enhancing fiscal responsibility and proactive financial planning; addressing top infrastructure issues; and engaging new volunteers are all priorities.

Phil Slack reported on Hotwire. 171 homes are active/completed. Remaining 18 homeowners have chosen not to install Hotwire at this time. Call box and Security camera work underway. The final headend equipment will be installed in the coming weeks. Hotwire is working on installing our free Wifi hotspot at main lake. All work should be completed in approx. 4-6 weeks.


ARCC: Kevin Gregory reported. 2020 accomplishments included updated paint palette, updated metal roof colors, processed over 90 modification requests. 2021 Progress to-date includes new ARCC board and members and processed 30 modification request in 3 months. The ARCC has moved all meetings to videoconference.

There are currently five members serving on the ARCC; they can have a maximum of nine members. Kevin mentioned that they would welcome a few more members on the committee. 2021 plans and goals include: updating the paint policy; investigating roof tile options; and reviewing/modifying the design manual as appropriate. Kevin explained how the ARCC approval process works and reminded owners they need written approval before any work begins.

Communications: Denise Ryan reported. She has completed the new website and it is now live. 75 members have already registered. Denise encouraged many more to register. Any thoughts, ideas or issues with the website just email her.

Environmental: Brian Hicks is Chairman. No report given.

Finance: Mike Kelly and Judy Fried reported. Presented the 2020 Budget overview. The year did end in a large deficit mostly due to the heavy rains in June – which necessitated that a pump be installed on Sequoia and Teton undergo road repairs; new gate motors installed; legal fees; and electrical work.

2021 objectives include: a thorough review of expenses from invoice through payment; making proactive suggestions and projecting expenses to reduce costs; tracking reimbursement of Hotwire expenses; coordinating with board to review contracts for compliance and renewal dates; work with board & committees to help anticipate budget impact of future infrastructure repairs and maintenance; and continually communicating Arbors financial health through the HOA website.

Possible Budget Impacts include: savings from closing the Church Street office; reimbursements from Hotwire for irrigation expenses and internet expenses; expenses in 2022 include sidewalk repair, and contracted Hotwire 2022 increase.

Reserve fund balance as of February 2021 is $297,055 and the infrastructure committee is currently evaluating future asset replacement costs.

Infrastructure: Mark Crosby reported. Plans for 2021 include investigating and repairing possible sidewalk issues created by tree roots; determining resolution of Hotwire humps; continuing to assess of propane service capability and alternate supply options; researching options to remediate leaning front gate pillar; making repairs to street drainage where required (the system was analyzed and working as designed); signage repair/replace, and addressing small ad-hoc repairs with vendors and /or volunteer team. Roads are getting old and will need to be replaced in the next few years.

Social Committee: Patti Sousa reported for Michele Locke - virtual Book Club is underway and the Little Free Library has been delivered. The Board will decide upon a location for the Library. Happy Hour will continue to be the third Sunday of each month at 5 pm at the main lake. Also, Rick Deluga will be giving a guided tour of the preserves after the control burn happens.

Welcome Committee: Pat Tracy reported. The origin of the Committee was to welcome new owners. A welcome booklet has been developed and approved by the board. The committee will meet with new owners with the new booklet and a plant. It can also be found on the website.


There were three vacancies for the Board of Directors and only three persons submitted their names for Candidacy: Denise Ryan, Philip Slack, and Hans VanDerlip.


Patti Sousa – Term expires 2022

Denise Ryan – Term expires 2023

Philip Slack – Term expires 2023

Hans VanDerlip – Term expires 2023

Vacancy – Term expires 2022


Discussion was opened to owners and included:

  • Hotwire increase in 2022 budget is expected to be approx. $110/owner per quarter due to 12 months of Hotwire verses 8 months in 2021.

  • A big thank you for the recent activities and communications. Website looks fabulous.

ADJOURNMENT With no other business the meeting adjourned 8:00PM.


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