Two new Board Members Elected

Updated: Apr 6

At the Annual Meeting on October 26, residents elected Patti Jurney Sousa and Michael Brunner to the Board. Also, six of the seven proposed amendments passed.

Chalkboard with the words "Election Results" on it

Patti Sousa and Michael Brunner were the two-top vote getters in the election. Patti and Michael replace Ray Stewart and Bob Lee.

At the Board's Organizational meeting that immediately followed the Member's meeting, the Board appointed Michael Brunner to be President, and Patti Sousa as Vice President. Rick DeLuga is Secretary and Bob Colonnese remains Treasurer.

We hope to introduce both of the new members on this site soon, and provide you with insights as to their goals for the board in the coming year. We are also working on opportunities for the residents to meet the new board members and share ideas and concerns.

As reported here, and confirmed at the meeting, Miranda Andrews resigned from the Board as of October 7th. The Board can appoint a resident to fill Miranda's seat or decide to keep that seat open until the March 2021 election.

At that election the remaining 3 seats will be up for election (seats held by Bob Colonnese, Rick DeLuga and the open seat previously held by Miranda Andrews).

Also at the meeting, the amendment ballots were counted and six of the seven amendments were passed; the 90-day fine policy amendment did not pass. To read more about each of the amendments, click here.

Ray Stewart did not seek re-election and Bob Lee started the Annual Meeting by thanking Ray, on behalf of all of the residents, for his time and efforts on the board.

We also wish to recognize Bob Lee for his work as President of the Arbors Board of Directors.  As President of the Board he worked to keep the Arbors the beautiful community it is while keeping our assessments at the same level.  For example, we may not have had hurricanes in the past few years, but Bob and the Board responded to flooding issues by arranging for remedial action, and he worked with the Amendments Committee to keep our amendments current.


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