December 15, 2020 Board Meeting Recap

Updated: Apr 6

Packed agenda shows progress being made on many fronts

Illustration of progress up a set of steps

The Board met on December 15 at the Church St. office at 6:30pm. All four Board members were present in the room ( President Mike Brunner, VP Patti Sousa, Secretary Rick DeLuga and Treasurer Bob Collonese). There were five other residents attending in person. Approximately 35 homeowners attended via Zoom Teleconference.

Many thanks to the time, effort and expense of Phil Slack for updating the technology in the office, and attending the meeting to help to make the Zoom call go more smoothly. As a result, the Zoom attendees had better views of the Board and speakers during the meeting. The audio was also much better and improvements continue to be made.


The meeting was called to order, proof of notice satisfied, quorum verified, and November minutes were approved with one minor word change.

Attendees joined Patti Sousa in welcoming Lisa Whelchel, a new neighbor, to the Arbors and thanked her for attending her first BOD meeting.

Presidents Report and Hotwire Update -Mike Brunner


Installation has been delayed due to heavy rain

Asking community to please be patient as delays and issues have been surfaced

Hotwire is still on target for a Feb 1st go-live

Delay with installation of Teton as a determination was made as to trench in front of, or behind, the houses

Hotwire want to finish the trenching as soon as possible, but will also start on in-home wiring installs

Several homeowners asked if the homeowners would get better advance notice unlike the installation of the Hotwire boxes on the garage walls when workers just showed up and drilled, alarming several homeowners

Mike stressed to let him know any questions and concerns, but please send all your contact details to him to include address and phone number in any communication

Stressed that only 124 of the 190 homes had conducted the Hotwire consultation to determine what service they wanted – stressed to please conduct the call even if you did not yet want the Hotwire service installed at this time

Later in the meeting during open questions, a homeowner asked what contingency plans are in place in case the Hotwire solution is not available to all homes by Feb 1st when the Comcast bulk contract ends

Who will handle extension of any contract

Does each homeowner have to call Comcast and create a new contract to replace the prior Arbors basic cable contract – if so, who pays for this service

No answers are available at this time but Mike will follow up with Hotwire

Arbors Neighbors to Neighbors Email and Website

Mike Brunner commented on the emails and website that are being shared across the community, and asked why the Arbors BOD does not have the ability to approve and control the content being posted.

He said that he was not on the distribution list and hadn’t received the emails.

[EDITOR COMMENT FROM N2N : As readers who signed up for the newsletter (now over 100) are aware, the emails and website are an independent news source and forum, run solely by residents on an opt-in basis. The information is intended to keep neighbors more fully informed of activities both inside and outside the community. We continue to welcome all comments and input from residents.]

Secretary's Report - Rick DeLuga

Controlled Burn

A controlled burn is being planned for Zone 2 - as soon as weather conditions permit.

Final prep of moving native plants that can't survive a burn are being done now.

Treasurer's Report - Bob Collonese

Budget Update

• We may have a 8% budget deficit at year’s end, due mainly to increased legal and administrative costs throughout the year.

Vice President's Report - Patti Sousa

Patti reported that several new committees were formed in November and December 16, 2020, thanked the residents that have volunteered and introduced committee chairs to provide their reports.

ARCC – met on December 7

Reviewed and approved seven applications (two roofs, two paint, two landscaping, one garage)

Arbors Decorations – Patti thanked Lois Dallaire for her help with community decorations contest

Environmental - Committee Chair Brian Hicks was present and reported

Discussed the poor water quality in Lake 1 and the design of a new turtle raft

Brian is looking for more volunteers for the Environmental committee, please contact him at 772-201-5705 if you can help

Infrastructure - Mark Crosby was introduced to the meeting and proposed as the Chair of the Infrastructure Committee, the vote was passed unanimously

Mark is also looking for other interested homeowners to join the committee

Mark presented the board with an initial list of observations and has already worked on several improvement areas :

Cut off short orange painted pipes (trip hazard) near main entrance

Front Gazebo – repaired loose board on boardwalk, removed trash, repaired loose railing

Presented photos of other areas of improvement in the community including rotten and worn signage, dead trees

Social - Michelle Locke was introduced to the meeting and proposed as the Chair Social Committee, the vote was passed unanimously

Michelle seeking additional committee members

December Activity - Michelle presented a flyer for a social event that was held on Sunday Dec 20th, 5pm, at the head of Lake 1 near the main entrance. More events like this are planned.

January Activity - Arbors Food Drive: Resident Hans VanDerlip was introduced - Hans is the former chair of the Board of the House of Hope . A proposal was made to hold a food drive in the Arbors on Jan 24/25 to support this local charity.

Welcome - Pat Tracy was introduced to the meeting and proposed as the co chair with Linda Arnago of the Welcome Committee, the vote was passed unanimously

Pat and Linda reported on their kick-off meeting and plan to work on a new welcome package for new homeowners

Patti gave a "huge thank you" to these homeowners for stepping up so quickly and helping across many areas of the Arbors. it's great to see the new level of involvement. [Editors Note: we thank all of these volunteers give credit to new board members for getting these programs up and running so quickly.]


Metal Roof Colors

1. Mill Finish Roof

The board had a discussion on the results of the recent resident survey asking for input on whether to retain or remove the option of a Mill Finish roof

There were 67 responses to the survey, 40 voted to Keep the option, 27 to remove it, with 26 making comments which were not shared.

The board voiced their own personal decisions, but stated they supported the community survey results - the board vote was 4-0 to retain the Mill Finish as a homeowner options

2. Green Patina metal roof color option – the board voted 3-1 to remove this color option.

3. A homeowner asked if the ARCC should revisit the current rule which prevents any two adjacent homes having the same color roof.

Grey Stamped driveway on Mammoth

A homeowner on Mammoth received approval and installed a stamped and stained concrete driveway. The driveway was installed through the sidewalk (continuously from garage to road).

The ARCC position was made clear that the driveway, although approved on the application, should be corrected (sidewalk reinstalled) – the “driveway” does not include the sidewalk section.

Patti Sousa presented the board with extensive background and research into this issue, including photos of other homes in the community which also crossed the sidewalk. She pointed out that but these were original builder installations.

The presentation included research from the ARCC, the Design Criteria, and the opinions of HOA Attorney Deborah Ross on the present issue.

A long discussion was held related to setting a precedent, whether precedent had already been set, and concerns related to liability (future tree root or community power washing damage to homeowner driveway/sidewalk, etc.)

Agreement was that ARCC forms, process and communication need to be improved, including requirements to attach a clear site plan with each ARCC request.

The board voted 4-0 to allow the homeowner to retain the driveway as built. A letter will be sent regarding liability to protect the Arbors from tree damage, power wash, slip and fall, etc., and to also “draw a line in the sand” to clearly clarify and reinforce the sidewalk Design Criteria moving forward.

Street Drainage

The board recapped a recent meeting with Sunshine Land Design (SLD) to report on their investigation into the street flooding in June.

While some cracks were found in the drains which caused sediment in some areas (with several being the same locations with a high level of sediment in the 2017 study) , the overall condition was fair.

SLD stated the system was working as originally designed , with no major critical issues, although there are some repairs and recommendations being made to improve / mitigate further issues.

SLD is prioritizing the list of repairs and will provide estimates to the board.

During that same meeting, the overall road condition was discussed, and the suggestion made to get some current quotes to resurface the entire community.

It was noted by several homeowners that at least 3 “humps” have appeared across the community where Hotwire has bored under the street – it is unclear at this time what the plan is to restore the road to the original condition.

Sidewalk Repairs

Several board members have walked the entire community and identified multiple areas of safety concerns.

Several people suggested that multiple proposals should be solicited, and not just from “grinding” companies.

Homeowner experts commented that grinding is not solving the problem, and that a long term plan to invest in a root barrier solution is a better long term approach, prioritizing key sections, while mitigating safety issues where possible.

Lisa Kusen (APM) will start to solicit additional bids.

Church St Lease

The current 3-year lease expires in March 2021. The current monthly cost is $1032, plus Utilities, internet service and Cleaning

It was suggested additional bids / locations be investigated rather than simply renewing the lease at the existing location

It has also been discovered that a 3rd party, Treasure Coast Firearms, has been using the office (paying a nominal fee) to conduct firearm safety and training

The use has apparently been in place at minimum since the Church St location has been used (and perhaps earlier)

It is unclear what the payment amounts were and how they were reflected in the budget This took all in the audience by surprise, with both the board and those in attendance agreeing that this arrangement be terminated immediately and keys be returned to APM.


During Patti Sousa's research of the Church St office, it was discovered that the Arbors Insurance does not (and never has) covered this location

The board is in discussion with the insurance agent to update the policy to add this coverage

Appointment of New Board Member

Two residents, Bob Petras and Phil Slack, volunteered to fill the one vacant board position left unfilled when Miranda Andrews resigned. The Board can appoint a temporary member to serve out the remaining term (which expires at the next Annual Meeting)

When this agenda item was reached, Phil Slack (present in person and helping to run the Zoom teleconference technology) recused himself from the meeting while discussion by the Board took place.

Several Homeowners provided their thoughts on each candidate followed by discussion at the board level.

A few Board members noted that residents had contacted them to voice their opinions prior to the meeting.

The Board voted to a 2-2 tie – Mike Brunner and Bob Collonese voted for Mr. Petras, Rick Deluga and Patti Sousa for Mr. Slack. The rules require a majority vote.

The Board agreed that both candidates would be asked to serve in an advisory, non-voting role until the next Annual Meeting scheduled for March 2021.

The meeting was adjourned.

Immediately following adjournment, we are saddened to report that four members of the ARCC resigned. The ARCC has conducted over 104 application reviews this year. The entire ARCC have our sincere thanks for their time and contributions that help to maintain the high standards in our community.

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